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Let’s Create and expand Guru-Sphere.

(G – Guru, S – Seeker)

S – What is Guru Sphere?

G – Guru Sphere is the holistic and comprehensive environment. Guru-Sphereconsists of variouselementshelping you to be better in personal and professional life. You becomehappier, more efficient, stable, focused and contended in all aspects of life.

S – What is Guru?

G – GURU is the force that takes you from ignorance to awareness.
Guru can be a person, words, actions, things, situations, incidents, tools and techniques.
Guru helps you to shift from ignorance to awareness for renewing perspective and zeal towards life and self.

S – How does this journey from Ignorance to Awareness takes place? Please guide.

G – There’s light (knowledge and awareness) everywhere, but due to lack of awareness about tools and practices, we are trapped in a race. It causes stress, anxiety, fear, depression and does not allow us to experience happiness and peace along with higher productivity and growth,
Right blend of Guru Breath, Meditation, Activities and knowledge discussion gives you a complete system for fulfilling life.

S – What are the examples of Guru Elements?

G – One such example is Guru Breath. Breath is the life force and resource of immense energy.
We all breathe round the clock, but are we aware about it?
Guru Breath is the natural and correct way of breathing which brings instant peace and awareness. It reduces stress, anxiety, depression and helps in increased focus.

S – What is the importance of Guru in present era?

G – Guru – (Journey from ignorance to awareness) is the essence of balanced, contended and happy life. Being happy, relaxed and productive simultaneously is really challenging in today’s rapid changing era.
Guru helps in bringing awareness to various aspects along with practical solutions for day to day issues which challenge the balanced life. Guru sphere creates circle of influence to blossom life in all directions.

S- What is circle of influence?

G – Everything around has an impact on us. Isn’t it?
Your family, relatives,neighborhood, friends, workplace environment, Religious Beliefs, Social Media and many more influence your life.Isn’t it?These are circles of influence.
Along with the required essential learnings for life from these circle of influences, we are affected by these circles of influence negatively which causes stress, consistent anxiety, depression, anger , emotional turbulence and many more.
You must have experienced it, haven’t you? Don’t you think this needs to be changed?
Mukkt is the initiative to create Guru Sphere – circle of Influence for peace, happiness, love, belongingness along with growth and higher productivity.

S- So how can I become aware of it and change it?

G –Practice Guru-Breath, knowledge points and techniques shared in Guru-meets and courses, in daily life.

S– How can I be a part of Mukkt and change my Circle of Influence?

G – There are 2 steps towards it. Attend Guru-meet or Course organized nearby. It is full of Guru Elements elevating your awareness every moment and in all domains of life.
You can also organize Guru-meet or Course at your home and become a force in expanding circleof influence.

To be continued in QLog – 2



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